While exercising her vocal talent at Liverpool’s renowned Cavern Club in 2010, singer/songwriter Stacy-Jo caught the attention of fellow musician Kevin Dixon. So impressed was he by what he heard, Dixon made the immediate resolution to seize Stacy-Jo for his new musical endeavour. Thus, the seeds of what would become indie pop act The Little Secrets were sewn.

Following their fateful first meeting, the duo spent two years writing, composing and dabbling in various styles before carving out a sound that they felt was right for them. This led to the recording of their debut single, “All I Need”. Released on January 26th, the track has already met with great success, having been featured on BBC Radio 2 as well as on stations across Europe and America.

Given its sunny disposition and extreme accessibility, it’s certainly not hard to see why the pair’s inaugural effort has received such a favourable reception. Bouncing off merrily into bright guitars, it soon gives way to a warm and cheerful melody. The catchy tune and uplifting sound are all but guaranteed to put a smile on your face as the whole thing glides along at a relaxing pace. It’s a wonderfully lighthearted piece that’s full of joy and optimism.

“All I Need” can be sampled on Soundcloud, along with a demo of the song “Go”. The latter is another passionate and enthusiastic offering that stomps in with a rousing drumbeat. The vocals and rhythm are more urgent this time but it’s just as infectious and absorbing as its companion.

The Little Secrets have adopted a delightful approach to making music. Their material is very easy on the ears and makes for a pleasant listen. It’s difficult to imagine anyone taking issue with it. “All I Need” can be purchased via iTunes, while information on all the latest happenings with the band can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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