Self-proclaimed “cinematic pop” group The Modern Electric first sprang onto the scene from Cleveland, Ohio in 2009 with their self-titled debut album. Since then, members Garrett Komyati, Matthew Childers, Michael O’Brien and Holden Laurence have been conquering the live circuit around the American mid-west, as well as having taken to the stage at events such as SXSW and CMJ.

The foursome came up with an ambitious plan for 2015 which has seen them release a new song and video every month since January in the lead up to their forthcoming sophomore record, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The latest track to appear on this schedule is entitled “Slow Motion Jeans”.

It begins with a funky beat that develops at a relaxed pace behind some vivid vocals. The addition of varied and sporadic instrumental elements, ranging from woodwind to electric, keeps things characterful during the first verse. This is ahead of a laid back chorus that rests easy on the ears.

The piece remains busy and bustling afterwards as energetic guitars and piano keys bridge the gap to the second verse, during which the harmony is just as keen and spirited as before. It’s a light and lackadaisical number which serves as a fairly good chill-out anthem.

“Slow Motion Jeans” also comes with a B-side offering named “Clem Snide”. The latter takes off via a distant and distorted harmony that plays out alongside a reserved but enthusiastic acoustic riff. Things develop gradually from here, remaining restrained but energetic.

It’s a considerably more stripped down effort than its counterpart, featuring a back to basics execution which utilises nothing but a guitar and vocals. While it isn’t as exciting as “Slow Motion Jeans”, it is nice to be given a B-side that showcases a different side of the band’s abilities. You can find both tracks packaged together on iTunes now.

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