The Modern Electric is a four piece indie, cinematic pop band from Cleveland, Ohio. They list Bowie and ELO as some of their musical influences. Since January the band has being releasing a new song every month and for April they released ‘(Try to) Pretend’. The monthly releases will all accumulate in the release of their album ‘Original Motion Picture’.

‘(Try to) Pretend’ is an emotional song of love, innocence and that awkward cat and mouse game of courtship we have all found ourselves in at some stage in life. It incorporates a mix of old style piano beats with some modern style synth. The lead singer has an amazing voice and as a listener I was captivated from start to finish. I thought he had a folk style quality in his voice that can tell a tale and you want to listen. There is some real emotion in the lyrics and the music works well to convey a sense of discomfort perhaps in trying to hide his feelings to save from rejection and hurt. The disjointed beat of the piano throughout adds to the mixed up situation of the song. Some nice ornate instrumental pieces bring a modern touch to what could otherwise have been a really old school tune. I can imagine this song would sound fantastic with just a piano or acoustic guitar.

I really can’t say anything bad about this track, pretty perfect in my opinion. I can imagine this song having universal appeal as I think it has something for everyone. I love everything about it. It is awkward, emotional and dramatic but yet not over produced. The melody is kept simple and the vocals are quite raw and rustic, old school.

You can check out more from The Modern Electric here:


A sweet, catchy, beautiful track. Can’t fault it! Worth more than $1.

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