If folksy guitar strums and hearts on sleeves are your kind of jam, then Beat and Floyd Needable are the guys for you.

‘Deep down at the Bottom of it All’ offers some wonderfully rustic melodies, oozing in simple Nashville ensembles and delicate ballads.

Kicking off introductions is the sweet ‘Baby I’m on my Way’. Listen out for the soft harmonies and the arpeggio break. This neatly balanced combination soothes the soul, making it a memorable number, however, stronger contenders linger further down the line.

A mandolin – esque picking welcomes the inspiring ‘Still I Soldier On’, capturing the essence of a summer’s evening wind down. Fighting until brink of capability epitomises the 2 minutes, contributing to the feel-good tempo of it all. The EP picks up pace once the wholesome strums of ‘Harder to Say Good bye’ greet us at the half way point. The two-guitar arrangement works splendidly. Beat and Floyd’s musical chemistry is truly effortless and lyrically, this tune releases positive vibes; ‘You turn to me and say, tomorrow’s gonna be my day’.

A classic Johnny Cash plucking arrangement transports you straight to the city of Memphis in ‘There Dreams of You’ whereas as the tremolo intervals exude a very Mediterranean sound. And like any good country song, the verse and chorus reveal an emotional tale.

‘Right Time’ whips out the harmonica, delivering a bluegrass number but the best song of this collection is not until the end. ‘Guess It’s Better Late Than Not At All’ is simple and sweet. Poetic phrases such as ‘Just like the moon, I’m revolving around you’ and ‘I’m just a tape deck/You’re a ten CD changer’ are delivered angelically by two Americana twanged vocals in a harmonious fashion.

Ex fisherman turned musicians wasn’t a bad move after all.