The intro to Defeated encompasses keyboard which set an ethereal tone as the echoing vocals soar over the prolonged notes. It is noticeably upbeat and contains a strong pop air to it, without losing the potential charm that the intro and opening verse conveys.

This lends the track enough time to bring you to the chorus, which breaks the tension created by the verse as the keyboard ever resonates in the background. It is at the chorus that Defeated begins to feel like a quirky, radio-friendly track. While the chorus is impressive, it may potentially still lack the strength to make it a hit but still contain enough to gain a lot of popularity and attention. The vocal’s are subjectively pleasant but may not be conservative enough to a less adventurous ear. It is sure to be a positive for the Dublin band to include a vocalist with quite distinctive voice.

The bridge welcomes a temporary tempo change to hold the listeners attention as it also combines impeccably with it’s proceeding chorus.

It seems that from the beginning of the track, The Nightlife were aiming to create a song that would suit the tastes of today’s radio listeners and they have made an impressive, while speculative attempt at this. Defeated has some undeniably attractive elements and is a very likable, catchy track. Whether we see this song remaining in the national music zeitgeist until summer still remains to be seen, but a great deal of optimism should be draw from the song for both the band and for Irish music fans alike, who may witness the emergence of an exciting act.