The impressively-named Pinstripe Pigeon Band release their “Sound Asleep EP” this August, their 6th release in the last two or so years, a feat which in itself is impressive enough to allow us to assume that they’re a band who are firmly in their creative stride, making the music they want to make. The EP as a whole showcases several sides of the band, with fun, funk and feeling found throughout.

Lead single “Never Be Apart” starts things off, an electro-pop anthem of sorts, where lead singer Kirsty Harvey’s belted vocals wail over a fairly simplistic backing section. It’s a safe start, it’s a catchy tune and gives a decent impression of where the next two songs of the EP will take you. The next two songs delve into glitchy funk, with the first of the two, “No Enemies” possessing an intro that sounds straight out of Daft Punk’s “Discovery” album.

These songs for the most part are just as effective as their predecessor, introducing more versatility in the instrumentation, the band really establishing their sound here. I do feel that the choruses here are weaker than the opening track but it all evens out given the musical backing. Which reminds me that I should give props to the production on this release, the deliberate panning of synths at certain points and overall clean sound of the EP only add to its professional and well-purposed sound.

In my view there is a clear divide between the first 3 songs presented here and the last 2, the flow being slightly disturbed by the introduction of a new singer on “It’s You” and the slow and heartfelt piano ballad that closes the album “I Sleep Cos It’s Easy”. That being said I do think the songs that close out the album are the stronger of the 5, with “It’s You” possessing by far the most interesting and rewarding listen on the EP. The song’s drums give the song a distinctly 90’s feel and overall it contains the best instrumental performance on the album as well as the strongest vocal melody (not to mention a decent and effective guitar solo). The closer “I Sleep Coz It’s Easy” is a well-intentioned piano ballad that despite bordering on formulaic in its chord progressions and structure is a strong closer and the vocal performance given by Harvey is genuinely touching at times.

Overall this is a solid EP, with several flashes of glitchy, funky brilliance and some real strong instrumentation from start to finish. It could be said that the predictability and simplicity of a couple of the tracks here hold it back from being anything overly original or surprising but the performances here elevate it above whatever gripes I might have with those issues. Another strong release from the Pinstripe Pigeon Band, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something by these guys making waves on our radios in the near future.