Finnish rock legends The Rasmus are continuing to stoke the flames of anticipation in the run up to the release of their long-awaited ninth studio album, Dark Matters, by unleashing their second new single since the spring, “Silver Night”. Following in the footsteps of April’s superlative “Paradise”, stylistically speaking, the captivatingly cool and canorous three and a half minute tune isn’t unlike an amalgamation of “It’s Your Night” from the ensemble’s 2012 self-titled record and “Dangerous Kind” from 2008’s Black Roses.

It dives straight into an enticingly tender serenade, underneath which a hushed but haunting riff reverberates peacefully for the first twenty seconds or so. At this point, the music and melody adopt a more ardent demeanour, vivifying with their vivaciousness while simultaneously maintaining a marvellously meditative atmosphere. It’s not long until the whole thing erupts into a delightfully dynamic chorus, during which volleys of vigorous vocals resound rousingly across an ocean of entrancingly airy instrumentation.

The ambience remains laid-back yet enlivening moving into the infectiously effervescent second verse as another remarkably resonant refrain arrives to arrest atop an assortment of consistently touching musical motifs. A terse but chilling instrumental exhibition follows from here before a burst of bewitchingly tranquil singing steps into the spotlight. This sets the scene for a spectacularly passionate climactic chorus, which proceeds to escort the proceedings to a suitably stirring stopping point.

The Rasmus have crafted another typically elegant and affecting alt-rock anthem here that’s full of feeling and fervour. Its magnificently introspective synthesis of hypnotically heartfelt harmonies, superbly poetic lyrics and absorbingly affable guitars and drums makes for an extremely inspirational listen. You can scroll down to investigate the official lyric video for “Silver Night” for yourself now and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the rest of Dark Matters when it’s unleashed on iTunes in its entirety on October 6th.

The Rasmus: Silver Night (Single Review)
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