The Rattling Kind

The Rattling Kind – The Ballad of Lugs Branigan Single Review

It’s criminal just how under-appreciated folk rockers The Rattling Kind are in the Irish music scene. Their fantastic 2013 EP ‘Rise Up’ may have gotten some good reviews at the time but unfortunately the band just haven’t been able to make the next step up, despite another strong release with last year’s track Open Letter. Hopefully their newest offering The Ballad of Lugs Branigan, gives the band the recognition they richly deserve.

And on this evidence, boy do they deserve it. The Ballad of Lugs Branigan tells the true tale of James Christopher Brannigan, a garda famed for his rough brand of justice, who also found success in the boxing ring. A distinctly catchier affair compared to the trad-rock orientated sound on ‘Rise Up’, the song is an infectious ride that simply gets better with every listen.

Lead singer Eddie Sherlock could teach anyone how to unashamedly belt out a tune with a Dublin accent – something it seems other Irish acts are loathe to try. His vocals add passion and authenticity, not just to Lugs Branigan but to all their tracks. Couple that with brilliant musicianship – including some lovely bass lines – and you’ve got the best Irish single so far in 2015. And if that third verse doesn’t get you off your feet, nothing will.

The Rattling Kind are launching the single with a gig in the Grand Social on February 28th, and even Lugs himself wouldn’t be able to stop the band from rocking through what will undoubtedly be a memorable gig. Onwards and upwards from the best kept secret in Irish music.