“Take a Bow”, the Mancunian band’s single prior to a UK tour stretching to the start of June is a promising track and will be sure to please crowds when performed live. The song is introduced with a powerful riff that synchronises with percussion to an extent that suggests a decent level of proficiency by the band, but it feels like the melody is not catchy enough to stand up to the impressive energy provided by the band. The verse is arguably the most pleasant section of the song as it nicely utilises a temporary emission of the guitar to allow Gary Nelson’s likeable vocals to take over. Nelson’s vocal style is not particularly distinctive but it suits The Reveurs understated type of music. One can notice influences from the likes of The Kings of Leon and The Strokes, as professed by the band, while still maintaining their own unique style.

The riff bursts back into the song and the chorus aims to elevate the song to a level that will leave you humming the song after listening but the lyrical melody just about falls short. “Take a Bow” is a well-structured song and can boast a good balance between the instrumental inputs from all of the band members. While the melody is not particularly mind-blowing there is definitely substance to it and it is a respectable track from the Manchester Indie/Rock group.