The Romantic Manifesto are self titled new wave guitar exciters. I have absolutely no idea what that means but new wave music originated in the late 70’s to early 80’s. The genre began as a synonymous section of punk music before becoming autonomous enough to branch into it’s own subgenre in the rock and roll scene. The lineup consists of John Wallis- Bass, Nobutaka Iizuka- Lead Guitar, Phineas Cheshire- Rhythm Guitar and Vocals and Timur Djahit- Drums.

The Romantic Manifesto formed in 2010, have so far produced two albums, the second of which A Kind of Promise (released in 2014) we will look at now. A ten track album which can be heard on SoundCloud (link below), features a variety of seemingly confused tracks. There is no real consistency between any one of the tracks, and I can not find an cohesive rationale between them.  Having said this though, I have found one underlying constant, the obtrusiveness and blandness of the drumming.

While I try to find something constructive to write, it must be noted that the vocal quality, tone and ability is clear. Most of the tracks are quite sparse in terms of accompaniment which allows the lead vocal to shine.

There is nothing exciting about this album in my view. Yes it is certainly a well made album, and has been mixed and mastered very well. But the content  does not strike up any kind of passion or joy inside me. Fairly standard group, possibly choice of songs is not quite a comfortable routine yet.