Hailing from Bandon in Cork, The Shruggs are a mighty trio that pack a hefty acoustic punch. They have recently released ‘Keep on Smiling’, a charity single whose proceeds will be going to www.3ts.ie ‘Turn the Tide of Suicide’. 3Ts were founded in 2003 to work and help prevent deaths by suicide through research, intervention and support. Three times more people die by suicide in Ireland than die in road traffic accidents, and this in turn is devastating to those who are left behind. Yet suicide is preventable. There seems to be a constant social stigma surrounding mental health issues, as if it shouldn’t be talked about and people just keep to themselves but that’s where the problem lies. This is especially evident in Ireland where any such issue within a family is often skimmed over because as a nation we genuinely don’t know how to react or deal with such situations. As such, I commend organistation likes 3Ts for standing up and saying yes, it’s okay to ask for help and we’ll support you in any way we can.

The charity relies on its own fundraising activities as well as the generosity of its supporters. If you purchase ‘Keep On Smiling’ the proceeds will not only raise funds to help prevent future deaths by suicide through research and support, you will also be raising awareness of the charity and hopefully share the track with others. The song itself is an uplifting and feel-good track that would give anyone a boost to get their day going. If you’re having a day where nothing seems to be going right stick this on and you’ll find the catchy arrangement is just what you need to join in for a sing-a-long. As well as having impressive acoustics that build nicely, on-point harmonies will have me sold in a second, and this track doesn’t disappoint on that front either. Abslolutely love the inclusion of a cajon too that rounds it off as a foot-tapping, hand clapping, table-playing little cracker that everyone should download right HERE.

Written by Nicole Leggett