By Emily O’Reilly

This may not be the first sunny afternoon to grace the musical spectrum, however pop – acoustic duo, The Shruggs exude a refreshing energy alongside some pretty tight knit harmonies.

Hailing from the rebel county, James Downing and Kees Hendrickx have been on the go since 2014 (according to the oul Facebook page) and this track is one they honour with a unique professionalism. ‘Sunny Afternoon’ is not merely an easy going acoustic ensemble Spotify might recommend to you after listening to a bit of Frank Turner or someone else along those lines. ‘Hey I’m a role model, pull the wool over your eyes’ perfectly surmises the age of the adolescent as the crisp strokes of a guitar beat on. Lyrically, a genuine voice provides this pop song with substance unlike a lot of the Top 40.

Intricate picking compliments the pre-chorus offering a brief respite however, the liveliness fails to falter once the hook comes back around. And I know I’ve already said this but these guys have a serious harmonious connection going on, both vocals effortlessly blending into one. Brassy arrangements jazz up the classic combination of a guitarist professing his emotions.

Alongside the release of the brand new track, a heart-warming visual is now up on YouTube. Based on the story of this song, two friends spend the day scooting around town, stealing polos from the local shop and skimming stones on the lakeside. Typically Irish in the best way possible.

The Shruggs have produced a track that could easily fit the introducing credits of a TV sitcom; it’s catchy, fun and simply uplifting.

The Shruggs - Sunny Afternoon (Single)

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