Emitting sounds of electric guitar, keyboards and a steady drum beat, ‘I Saw a Ghost’ is a fast-paced track with sombre vocals that is identifiably indie electro rock. It is the new single from The Slow Readers Club’s new album ‘Cavalcade’ and it immediately gets going with a fast beat and soon gets rooted in your ear canals with a pleasing repetition of the melody. The chorus is catchy and the structure is pretty standard, building up to a climax towards the end.

With subtle similarities to bands like The Killers and Muse, The Slow Readers Club fall into the category of mainstream indie rock that you could expect to hear on the airwaves. However, this song did not do wonders for my ears and honestly in such a popular and dynamic genre, it could have stood out more. Not sure what this band has to offer that we haven’t seen before it is hard to get too excited about ‘I Saw a Ghost’. Even so, the song has interesting lyrics with a dark meaning and the guitar played through the verses has a great quality to it. In fact, the song grows on you the more you listen to it, such is the magic of clever song structure.

Vocalist Aaron Starkie wrote the song about depression, about how you can pretend that everything is fine but have something hanging over you that can bring you down at any minute. This is thoroughly reflected in the juxtaposition of the “upbeat” pace of the track and the accompanying gloomy lyrics. Their other singles from the same album are ‘Don’t Mind’ and ‘Start Again’.

The Slow Readers Club are based in Manchester in the UK and are currently playing gigs all over the UK, from Glasgow to London. Able to deliver a catchy and emotive indie electro rock sound, The Slow Readers Club are worth checking out.