Dublin based alt-rock ensemble The Smoking Giants may have only formed last year, but they’re certainly no strangers to the music scene. Having each played in various other bands over the years, between them members Jay, Mark,  Joc and Mike have performed live all across Ireland and the UK. Their extensive prior experience in the industry meant that when they first came together as a quartet, they found collaborating with one another to be a painless undertaking.

The foursome are currently busy making plans for the rest of 2015, including the release of a music video in early summer followed by taking to the road around both their homeland and Europe. At this exact moment though, the focus is on the promotion of their debut single, “Push it Forward”.

The track explodes into dark and dire guitars that don’t waste time charging doggedly forward, continuing through an expressive harmony with an aggressive edge. The instrumentation shows no signs of easing its momentum after the forceful chorus as it stomps along into an exhilarating bombardment of vigorous riffs. It all eventually culminates in a fierce vocal climax before fading out.

“Push it Forward” is an intense and energetic alternative anthem whose enthralling rhythm grabs hold of your attention and doesn’t let go for its duration. You can check it out now on Soundcloud, along with its companion piece, “Return from Exile”.

The latter offering features a foreboding instrumental introduction that precedes a loud and lively melody. Soon afterwards, it erupts into an immense, ear-splitting chorus. The guitar work builds constantly, remaining accomplished as it speeds along with ferocity. The result is an extremely riveting rock composition that thrills throughout its near seven minute run time.

The Smoking Giants have gotten their career off to an epic start. The passion and enthusiasm with which their material is drenched keeps it consistently exciting. There’s definitely a lot of potential here going forward.

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