The trailer for The Snowman has just been released, and it looks as chilling as the title suggests. Based on Jo Nesbo’s bestselling novel, the movie looks to be a disturbing thriller set in the snow swept Norwegian countryside.

Michael Fassbender plays Harry Hole, elite detective, and is tasked to solve the case of the Snowman killer. The trailer begins as a woman walks alone at night and is struck by a snowball from behind. The murderer is supposed to murder women he disapproves of, and does so with upmost sadism, completing his kills with savageness. He taunts those who seek him, using the snow to portray how cold the reality of his obsession is.

Katherine Bratt joins Harry Hole in the investigation, and together they endeavour to uncover the truth. On the scene of every death, the killer leaves a snowman. Add that to their tendency to chop up their victims, the malice of the culprit is undeniable. Rebecca Ferguson (The Girl on the Train) plays Bratt and features in the trailer seeming all too vulnerable in what is a cold and harsh landscape.

Tomas Alfredson directs. The Swedish director has made films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Let the Right One In. These films explore the complex and chilling, so more of the same can be expected from The Snowman.

The cast includes a few big names; JK Simmons (Whiplash), Chloe Savigny (Zodiac) and Toby Jones (Hunger Games) are to name a few. The trailer offers several disturbing images, and with them a stark chill is also offered. If the horror of the murders isn’t disturbing enough, the brutal cold of the environment will surely do it.

The Snowman is set to be quite a nail biter. Fassbender always brings quality, his down-to-earth nature will be sure to mix well with the surreal and he alone could make the movie very watchable. But as he is joined with a strong cast, a brilliant director and a couple of great writers, so a real humdinger can be expected.

It is always interesting to see how a bestseller novel is adapted onto screen. It doesn’t always work with The Girl on the Train having been a critical flop. However, first impressions are that The Snowman will be a peach.

The Snowman will be released 13th October 2017

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