The Sons of Pitches have the distinction of not having only a great name but also the weirdest song and video I’ve seen in a while (and I reviewed Orange Kyte the other day). The male a capella group met in Birmingham University and entered and won The Naked Choir, a BBC Two contest. “Move” a Little Mix single (yep), was released on April Fool’s Day. Jolly.

When I saw this track in my inbox I became terribly paranoid. Although I pass myself off as a cool, credible music critic, “Move” by Little Mix is actually one of my favourite songs ever. I danced around my apartment to it for a month straight in 2014. I thought it was a secret only I and my old housemate shared. Well, there is obviously some conspiracy abound.

Anyway. The Sons of Pitches compliment their a capella vocals with some contemporary beatboxing to be down with the kids, along with their smooth harmonies and slick solos. So they surprise you and it’s not what you immediately think, a bunch of blokes singing a Little Mix song.

Despite their amazing vocal capability I would fear they would veer into novelty territory with that cringeworthy Brady Bunch style video. Novelty aside, The Sons of Pitches are playing several sold out shows in the UK in the summer. They have a bright and interesting career ahead.

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