Watford rockers The Spitfires caused quite a stir last year when their dexterous debut record, Response, managed to hit the number six spot on the independent charts in the UK. Now they’ve returned to engross audiences again with their exciting sophomore outing, A Thousand Times.

It opens energetically as the vigorous vocals of its title track absorb over optimistic instrumentation. The sonorous song that ensues stays enthusiastic until the upbeat riffs of “Last Goodbye” take over to thrill alongside salvos of spirited singing. The mood remains merry as it all races rousingly towards the attitude-infused introduction of “Day to Day”. This delightfully defiant addition arrests with its rebellious refrains before “Open My Eyes” decides to head down a gentler direction.

“On My Mind” is another affecting effort afterwards, exhibiting a stirring serenade atop touching instrumentation. “So Long” accelerates in its wake while maintaining a mellow ambience ahead of the wonderfully raucous riffs that keep “I Don’t Even Know Myself” consistently compelling. “The Suburbs (We Can’t Complain)” adopts a direr demeanour when it’s done, showcasing sobering singing across urgent instrumentation.

“Return to Me” is a much more laid-back but no less enlivening offering that enthrals through its cool crooning and relaxing music. It’s succeeded by a riveting reprise of “On My Mind”, which uplifts on the way to the acute acoustic riffs that get “A Better Life” going. A hard-hitting affair follows from here as pressing guitars ring out underneath a moving melody to put a poignant cap on the proceedings.

The Spitfires have forged a fantastically fervent endeavour that displays a wide range of emotions as it unfolds. Its diverse sound and altogether affable execution should ensure it receives a warm reception from pundits and public alike. You can pre-order A Thousand Times on iTunes now.

The Spitfires: A Thousand Times
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