The Shades

Back in the golden oldie days, bands would make a recording and send it to their local radio station, hoping it would get airtime. Most of the radio shows would be looking for easy listening and catchy melody songs. Then Sun records came along and changed the music industry altogether; they brought rock-n-roll to the people, but it was no ordinary rock music. Devil music as the squares would call it way back in the 50’s. Nowadays it’s all about downloads and YouTube views.

I checked my inbox the other morning and to my surprise I found a rock-n-roll band looking for my thoughts and views on their sound. They were not the average indie band or progressive pop act. What captured me was their music, the style and the vintage rock-n-roll essence about them.

The Shades, 5 Dublin lads reviving a style of music that has been dead and buried along with Buddy Holly, and all the other old rock-n-roll beatniks a long time ago. A style that most of us would be familiar with, but a fresh sound for a younger audience.

The band describes their music as “Rhythm ’n’ Blues/Rock ’n’ Roll Band. On their way to bringing 50’s and 60’s music back to the mainstream”. Well, that is exactly what they are; the group has put together four live video recordings, 3 of which are originals.

If this group was to create a decent dress style and polish up a few bits on live presence, I would think they are on to something. They have everything going for them; their music is fun, hip or whatever word you would describe good old rock-n-roll music. I am a massive fan of the Beatles, Stones, Chuck Berry and all the greats, for The Shades they pay so much homage to that style of music. No doubt this band will do very well on the live scene.

Check out the 4 live videos below of The Shades!