The Unravelling are a progressive/industrial rock duo, based in Calgary, Canada. They have often been compared to acts such as Tool, Nine Inch Nails and faith No More. Their debut album, 13 Arcane Hymns took their home province by storm, racking up three nominations at the Alberta Metal Awards and winning Best Album Production. Shortly after this, lead vocalist Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer, putting the group on hiatus to undergo surgery and recovery. Now, the group have returned with their newest song “Revolt”, which was released on April 25th.

The song begins with huge sounding programmed drums. When the vocals kick in, they’re joined by a crunchy, chugging guitar riff. The whole thing has an air of apocalyptic doom. The chorus gives a moment of clarity. Moore changes gears taking a much softer tone of voice singing the lines “Revolt is the kindling that must burn your mind/The Queen will flee the hive”.

Vocally, Moore’s delivery feels incredibly personal and convincing, particularly during the outro. Lyrically, the song is reminiscent of older prog acts like King Crimson, with lines such as “Acid milk conjurer/The guided son/Self help/Change your life/Halo gun” reassuring the listener of The Unravelling’s prog roots.

The summarise, “Revolt” is an intriguing piece from two very competent musicians. It’s great to see them return on such a high after the difficult few years they’ve had. Hopefully, there will be more music from them sooner rather than later.

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