Star-studded Electro-funk/soul collective The Winachi Tribe release their debut single “Time For Love” on the 20th of July. The track is one brimming with all the early-90s-style swagger you’d expect given the group’s links to acts such as Ian Brown.

In fact the whole track feels like it came straight out of the same Manchester scene that produced bands like Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses, with vocalist Liam Croker’s delivery fitting the mood given by the musicians perfectly. And for the most part the melodies here are fun and catchy. Perhaps the vocals at times can border on being overly nasal, despite their unquestionable suitability to the vibe presented.

The instrumentals here are of the highest quality, these are real professionals doing what they’re great at, with the smooth and very chill stylings of the band’s self-produced effort all adding to the mood this song is going for. I will say however that this track is doing nothing new and the formula for what this it’s trying to accomplish is nothing overly complex or even original, with the lyrics serving their purpose only really to carry the vocal melody. But I think this is beside the point.

The point is, this song’s catchy chorus will probably become stuck in your head, your foot will more than likely be tapping and you’ll be longing for the sun to peek itself out because despite the songs few shortcomings, The Winachi Tribe have made a fun and breezy song that deserves to be enjoyed for what it is.

The Winachi Tribe - Time for Love (Single Review)

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