Despite only forming several months ago, Irish psychedelic rock act The Witch Trials have already played over sixty live shows around their homeland at everywhere from pubs to universities. Their productivity is showing no signs of abating either, with a UK and Ireland tour on the horizon, as well as confirmed sets at Electric Picnic and Canalophonic. On top of this, the quartet are also hard at work on an EP that’s due to drop in September.

In the immediate present though, their primary focus is on the promotion of their soon to be released single, “Wonderland”. The track’s creation was made possible after the ensemble were chosen for the 2015 Searchlight Development Deal, which afforded them recording time at Temple Lane’s Apollo Studio. There they collaborated with students from Sound Training Centre and mixing engineer Fergal Davis to put the finishing touches on their new song.

It begins with a busy and bustling instrumental introduction, full of airy synths and lackadaisical guitars. Afterwards, it bursts into a fast and furious verse that speeds forward infectiously amid slightly distorted but strikingly vigorous vocals. This eventually gives way to a playful saxophone salvo ahead of a wild and riotous musical chorus before the enthusiastic melody returns.

The whole thing manages to be chaotic without being dissonant or jarring, unfolding like a carnival of upbeat and cheerful motifs that encourage letting go and having a good time. It’s also quite progressive. You can never predict what will happen next, yet it still remains inexplicably cohesive and consistent. Each of its whacky instrumental sequences flow naturally out of each other. It’s a fun and festive number, whose decidedly unique style has to be heard to be truly understood and appreciated.

“Wonderland” is out on May 15th, with its launch show taking place in Sweeney’s in Dublin on the same night. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the music video that’s hitting on May 4th.

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