Girly rock.

Perfect vocals.

Adequate radio fodder.

I could imagine this song on a tv show or on a film soundtrack, complete with bitchy girls walking out of some fancy high school in a sun-drenched city.

Maybe the band are bitchy girls from a sun-drenched city…oh wait no; there’s a girl and a three fellas. They are from San Francisco though. Back to the single now…catchy pop genius…dreamy swirly music but there’s that sense of it being engineered precisely to make you feel good…and summery…

Until you realise that this band are much smarter than a feel good hit machine, and have deliberately written this song as “a bittersweet anthem for the anxious disguised as upbeat pop rock”. Up to this point of realisation, I had almost dismissed this song as mere fluff, but I now commend The Y Axes for their wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Perfect equation on a different tangent indeed.