The Ritual – A brand new musical proposal arises in the Danish land with their first EP, “The Drum”.

Leaving aside the psych-rock and electro-pop that’s invading Denmark nowadays, The Ritual formed early last year in Copenhagen to explore a different territory. They’re immersing themselves in a powerful, more classic type of rock.

With a strong tribal imprint, not only with the fonts used for the name of the band but also in the description and first video for the track “Rattle the cage”, they bring back that classical 70s rock sound that has been missing from the charts these past few years. Remember the boom of revival in early 2000 when bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Keys and the more mellow Kings of Leon were releasing their best albums?

The EP sets the pace with “The Drum” to give way to “Rattle the cage”, an instant classic with powerful old-school guitars and a voice chorus that has some real Kasabian vibes to it. In “Evil woman” The Ritual flirts with a certainly more effective stoner sound, keeping the voice at the front but adding some vibrant drums.

“Running out of time” is probably the different track of the EP, starting with an acoustic guitar intro the band leaves those elastic chorus behind and goes a few tempos down to deliver a clean rock ballad.

The idea of going back to the roots with some classical powerful guitar solos, a virtuoso trippy singer and some rhythmic drums is not a new invention at all, but at least is something different from the norm these past few years. Let’s keep an eye on The Ritual and see what happens.

You can find them here, or check out their stuff on Spotify and Soundcloud, providing it hasn’t gone broke by the time you read this.

Written by Guadalupe Martinez Ferretti