Two years after their debut album “F.E.A.R.S” was released to a successful reception – particularly in Asia, Theo Berndt have refined and polished their pop-sound. Their vocal style has certainly changed! They sound much more relaxed and confident with themselves as a band now, however it hasn’t reflected in their musical output well.

This single is a sequel to “Atomic“, which was released in November 2014. The former single was about encouraging people to detach from just thinking about themselves -with the video heavily focusing on ecology and growth. Following on from that, this track is expected to cause listeners to ‘think twice’ in their actions. Despite that, the lyrical content is questionable, with lines like “you tweak my words around / Down on me” . Although I’m aware that this is ‘pop music’, if there is an ‘ideology’ trying to be expressed to listeners, they need to rethink things.

Musically it would be expected that there would be a common thread throughout the two tracks; However this song is quite a jarring of various styles – which really doesn’t work. The screeching chorus is in vast contrast to the drawling, mumbling lines of the verse, which in all honesty sound pitchy. The accompanying synth keys and a smorgasbord of “ooh“-ing all render the finished product syrupy and nauseating – like something you’d find on a tween girl’s slideshow of home videos and pictures.

Released on the 10th March, with a short tour to be announced in Spring.