This Other Kingdom released a video for one of the strongest tracks from their debut album Telescopic. “Plasticine Dream” is a belter, sitting somewhere in between the modern bad ass sounds of BRMC, 16 Horsepower, and The Flying Eyes to name but a few. It would be very easy to ignore the importance of the bass and drums on this track due the way the vocals lead everything, but the groove really makes the whole thing tick in my honest opinion. The cheeky,yet lethargic distance between snare and kick create a lovely feel especially with the high level of reverb on the snare on its ‘landing’.

The vocals are of course highly strung and intense, while the guitars soar high and heavy for the chorus. When I first heard this track I did not expect the guitars to do what they did in the chorus, but was highly satisfied when they just said ‘fuck it’ and jumped off the distortion pier into the murky, psychedelic water.
This band has balls. Four sets of them to be exact, but with their powers combined its a big massive set of balls that translate very much into the masculine state of this music.

This video I have to say did not impress me too much upon my first watch. But I figured out their magic puzzle, in that there are clues you pick up upon after viewing it again. This is whatever the video equivalent to ‘musique concrete’ is. It is completely typical of what you would expect to see on the projector of a psych rock show, so it is a perfect accompaniment for any psych rock track. The standard road journey coupled with smatterings of strange shapes. Simple but effective.

It’s not the best video, but when you are a band starting off and are dealing with the insane 1,200 (roughly standard) quid costs of a videographer who has the same experience at their craft as you do with yours, but is charging 700 quid more than a studio would charge for recording an EP, you are going to have to make sacrifices.

Great vid… way better song. 6 out of 5.

You can check out the album Telescopic on Soundcloud.