The Thrash Blues are a singing/songwriting duo from Dublin who favour an extremely back to basics approach to creating music. Describing themselves as “A stripped-down, acoustic roll band perhaps”, their goal is to not trap themselves within the confines of any particular genre, while crafting songs that are simple and straightforward.

New single, “Misfits”, rolls outs with a calm and cool acoustic riff and drum beat that are soon joined by heavier, mellow guitar work. The latter relents as the verse hits and hushed, reverberating vocals begin. The pace glides along at the same steady speed throughout without slowing or accelerating, while the beat and tune remain consistent.

The band’s site allows for the opportunity to listen to three further pieces, each of which come with their own unique characteristics. “Planes” runs barely longer than a minute and has a rather Country and Western flavour to it. It’s made up of a single acoustic riff with minimal additional effects, along with light vocals akin to those of “Misfits”. “Made to Fade” bounces along with a much busier and more energetic rhythm. This is the duo’s most upbeat effort, forged from a catchy tune and harmony. The website’s final offering, “George Jones Stole My Baby”, serves as a raw, punky number. Running at a brisk forty two seconds, it plays like an incredibly bare bones sample from an early Ramones track. It’s fast, hectic and features frantic vocals.

The brand of music that The Thrash Blues have adopted is an interesting one. It certainly is simple, straightforward and not genre specific. What it showcases is basically two individuals utilising their voices and instruments for a sound that is purposely unrefined and raw.

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