Alt-rock icons Garbage are getting ready to unleash their highly anticipated sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds, on June 10th. Recorded by Manson and her merry men under the bright lights of LA, it’s set to arrive in the midst of the ensemble’s summer long tour of Europe, the UK and America. To offer an idea of what we can expect, they’ve just dropped the video for its lead single, “Empty”.

The song itself begins by bursting into a barrage of bracing riffs and pounding percussion before a reserved yet arresting refrain steps into the spotlight. The music maintains a rapid rhythm in the verse while the vocals gradually increase in vigour and vibrancy. It all sails enticingly into a loud and enlivening chorus, during which an expressive serenade excites atop energetic instrumentation. A salvo of invigorating guitars bridges the gap from here to the fantastically forceful second stanza.

The pace is kept pressing by the superbly spirited style of the music and melody, ensuring the track continues to captivate going forward. Blasts of biting riffs grip amid snippets of stirring singing towards the end of the entrancing third minute. This is followed by a final fiery chorus that exhilarates ahead of an electrifying finish.

The result is a thrilling new tune from Garbage that’s loaded with power and passion. There’s a wonderfully fresh yet familiar feel to the whole thing which should win over established fans and new initiates alike. You can download “Empty” for yourself from iTunes now, where its accompanying compilation is also available for pre-order.

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