When New Zealand journalist David Farrier (a dead-ringer for Louis Theroux) somehow stumbles across the online world of ‘competitive endurance tickling’, his natural curiosity to know more draws him down the rabbit hole towards something a much more sinister than he could have imagined. A world where no one is laughing.

That intro paragraph was straight off the back of a 90’s VHS thriller but regardless, it says it all. Tickled is a remarkable film; equal parts fascinating as it is bizarre. And because of this almost otherworldly feel to it, it creates it’s own dialogue and direction taking us down an ever spiralling path towards….something or someone.

Especially amidst the growing numbers of PC police crusades and faceless trolls that are out there roaming around our online world, Tickled really feels like an extension of this dialogue; a dark portrait of the worldwide-web underbelly uncovering the exploitation and opportunism of those in positions of power over the average man. It’s sad to say it but maybe something like this is a very apt sign of the times and it feels very topical and relevant while watching it all unfold.

It’s best not to read too much or know almost anything going into this but like all the best documentaries the necessary twists and turns are there, always led by the very likeable and very capable Farrier.

Tickled is on limited release now




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