American alt-rock duo Tidalwave have managed to achieve quite a bit since their career began in late 2012. The Charlotte natives have enjoyed airplay on a number of radio stations and have been the subject of discussion for articles on various music and media sites. The culmination of the pair’s efforts thus far is their recently released self-titled EP. Recorded at The Basement Recordings Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina with producer Jamie King, it’s a fast and furious debut that slams on the accelerator and refuses to ease up.

“Find Myself” blasts into a punky riff and distorted vocals. The pace is swift, kept going by vigorous, purposeful instrumentation. The end result is an unapologetically raw and rebellious rock anthem. “Rx” maintains the energy through lively guitars that erupt heavily during the chorus behind melodic vocals. A forceful musical breakdown takes off about midway through, sprinting back and forth across the border between punk and post-hardcore.

“Endings” pounds heavily into an explosive riff and aggressive melody that don’t relent throughout. It’s a delightfully dire and hectic track that races along at a fierce pace. “Solace” follows it by beginning lighter. An unconcerned riff introduces the proceedings then quickly rises to ear-splitting levels. It tones back down as a passionate harmony sets in, lending a sense of longing and torment to the atmosphere. As the end approaches, it refuses to go down without a fight, burning out amid piercing guitars.

Tidalwave have crafted a wonderfully recalcitrant inaugural record. The execution of each piece is loaded with a fiery passion that makes for a liberating listen. These guys are certainly off to a promising start in the music industry. The self-titled EP was released on February 1st and is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp.

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