With a sound that seems to be influenced by a combination of the Pop Punk of Blink-182, Kings of Leon and the sallow rock one might expect in an episode of Sons of Anarchy, Limerick quartet Tigwara have attempted to come out swinging with their first, self-titled EP.

Within its four tracks the most interesting note from this EP is that there doesn’t appear to be any egotism within the band. Clearly, one could argue, this is a quartet wherein creative freedom is given its necessary space; the result of which is a well-rehearsed, collaborative effort and a tenacious attempt to make a mark on the music scene.

Blending between effervescent drum beats, catchy guitar riffs and fantastical imagery in lyricism, it seems rather difficult to negate the effort made therein. This is quite obviously a band whose members work well together, and have produced a commendable first work.

However, it’s ultimately difficult to say if Tigwara achieve their goal of making their mark with this EP. Enjoyable as it is, individual tracks can, at times, seem too heavily influenced by very particular bands such as Kings of Leon (with track ‘Pay for your Love’) or Oasis (‘Gimme your Time’). This is not an unsurpassable issue for the band, or even the EP, which ultimately gives the listener a taste for more. Nonetheless, considering the notable talent shared between the members of the band, one can’t help but wonder what they might achieve if they make creativity and innovation their prerogative should they look to record an LP.

Tigwara are worth checking out, and one could almost safely assume they play a decent live set. If they remove the apparent focus from their musical influences and trust themselves to create decent music, they could be a name worth remembering.

Written by Chris O’Regan

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