Hot off the heals of a UK and Ireland tour this past month, American pop punk heavyweights All Time Low are gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album on April 7th. Published through Hopeless Records, Future Hearts is a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm that may well represent the foursome’s best work to date.

“Satellite” ensures the proceedings get off to an epic start, with guitars that hit hard alongside frontman Alex Gaskarth’s piercing vocal work. Unfolding with the feel and scale of an arena rock anthem, it acts as an invigorating opening number. Things stay at full steam for “Kicking and Screaming” as an upbeat riff and catchy melody blast off to preface a heartfelt, sing-along chorus. Featuring an absorbing instrumental breakdown, this lively and vivacious effort puts its foot on the gas and refuses to let up.

The irresistible lead single, “Something’s Gotta Give”, boasts an enthralling melody amid an infectious beat before erupting into a loud and boisterous chorus. Its delightfully disaffected attitude really ropes you in, cementing it as one of the best offerings from the band’s entire discography. “Kids in the Dark” follows up with a relentless rhythm that generates an urgent atmosphere as it charges purposefully forward. With vigorous vocals and bracing instrumentation, it’s easy to lose yourself to its fervour.

“Runaways” is a very determined piece full of raw emotion that sounds huge, smashing into the senses to make a lasting impression. “Missing You” comes as a strikingly warm and reassuring departure from its predecessors. Remaining comparatively restrained while continuously increasing in speed, it makes for an easy and affective listen. The percussion of “Cinderblock Garden” pounds out of its wake, heralding a fervent verse that accelerates into another stirring and arresting chorus.

Beginning with a mellow melody, “Tidal Waves” sets a sombre tone, resonating as it develops. Gaskarth bows out for the second verse as the familiar voice of genre veteran Mark Hoppus takes over. Together, they narrate an immense rock ballad that cuts deep. When it’s done, “Don’t You Go” returns to a heavier sound that will have you nodding and bouncing along as it hops into a penetrating chorus.

“Bail Me Out” skips in upon a cheerful riff ahead of an expressive duet with pop punk legend, Joel Madden. The captivating tune is complemented by engrossing instrumentation that really plays to the strengths of both artists, feeling like the perfect blend of the styles of both All Time Low and Good Charlotte.

The remarkably unique “Dancing with a Wolf” clings to your attention as it washes over you in waves. Towing the line between punk and post-hardcore, this fantastically fierce and forceful composition will burn itself into your memory. “The Edge of Tonight”, on the other hand, is made up of meaningful vocals and sobering instrumentation that create a solemn and poignant ambience. Heading back in a more frantic direction, “Old Scars/Future Hearts” explodes into pressing guitars and a resolute melody to end things with a wonderful sense of defiance.

All Time Low have brought their A-game to each track on this record. Swelling with passion and spirit, its adrenaline-fuelled execution thrills and exhilarates during every moment of its forty five minute run time. Future Hearts is guaranteed to leave fans of the band feeling satisfied and might just win them a whole hoard of new followers while it’s at it.

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