Singer/songwriter Tiz McNamara is currently based in Liverpool, where he graduated from the city’s Institute for Performing Arts in 2011. The Cork born musician has been enjoying quite a prolific career since. Not only was his debut recording, “Steady As You Go”, met with praise across Ireland, the UK and the US, it also garnered air play on both RTE and BBC radio and found its way onto long running soap opera Hollyoaks.

McNamara’s talent has afforded him the opportunity to work with some legends of the industry as well, including Paul McCartney, Shane McGowan and Robbie Williams, with whom he appeared on the British Christmas number one in 2012. On top of this, he has toured extensively, playing shows all around his homeland, Europe and America.

Every year on the first of April, McNamara puts out a new song to commemorate the memory of his father and brother, both of whom he lost to a boating accident when he was just eleven months old. His goal is to use the power of his music to transition a once tragic day into a more optimistic one. His latest single in this regard is called “I Hope You Know”.

It starts off with sombre and affecting piano keys ahead of a soft and solemn harmony. Moving forward at a relaxed pace, it gradually begins to grow as the meaningful, heartfelt lyrics are narrated. Subtle strings set in and stir emotion, developing alongside a reassuring drum beat. Remaining reserved and poignant throughout, it slowly takes on a more positive, rousing sound that’s quite inspirational in nature. Things become very busy and boisterous by the time the midway point is reached. It emanates an uplifting aura that makes a heavy impact before it fades out gently via a touching instrumental epilogue.

McNamara has crafted a very affecting folk ballad that cuts deep as it unfolds. Its simple, straightforward execution and delicate sound simultaneously hits hard and allows for a pleasant listen. You can find “I Hope You Know” on iTunes now.

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