Dennis Lundkvist better known as Tkačuk is an up and coming Swedish scandi pop sesnsation. Born in the relatively small city of Västerås in central Sweden, Tkačuk currently resides in Berlin. His music has an undeniably unique edge; his sound effortlessly breathes scandi pop coupled with an air of Nordic mysticism. Tkačuk cites Placebo’s front man Brian Molko as one of his biggest influences growing up, which comes through in Tkačuk vocals which at times parallel Molko’s.

Tkačuk’s released his EP ‘Borders and Land’ on February 19th of this year, the EP comprises of a small collection of songs and remixes that provide an insight of what to expect from Tkačuk in the future. The ‘Borders and Land’ EP operates as the sequel to Tkačuk’s previous album ‘Dark/Light’. The 2014 album juxtaposes instrumental moods of dark and light with an incorporation of break neck electronic Nintendo inspired beats. ‘Dark/Light’ feels like a throw back to New Rave at times with its fast paced beats and dark undertones. The ‘Dark’ tracks on this album are haunting and jarring with a raw edge. Juxtaposed with this are the ‘Light’ tracks which feel like a cheery stroll around Super Mario Land.

‘Final Curtain’ opens the EP with a breathy robotic voice dictating the lyrics in an almost indecipherable manner, the lyrics appear to clash between Swedish and English. The chorus is coupled with subtle synths and delivers the message that this is a break up song, lamenting the singer’s acts of possibly cheating. ‘Borders and Land’ is the title track and Tkačuk’s most played song on his Spotify account which will undoubtedly be one of his future stand out hits. The EP also includes two remixes of ‘Borders and Land’ the first remix is from Gabriel Gassi, the talented Swedish DJ breathes new life into the track, making it feel reminiscent of M83’s ‘Midnight City’ . The second remix is from Julian Sleepover, the incorporation of steel drums gives this remix an unmistakable summer feel.

‘Rural’ is a charming collaboration with Swedish six piece Humfree Bug Art, again this track incorporates unmistakably summer sounds and synths. Humfree Bug Art are known for their tantalising beats and dreamscape lyrics and this collaboration with Tkačuk delivers exceptionally well throughout. Both acts work together symbiotically to create a pretty damn impressive track which will no doubt flourish this summer. ‘Fool’ closes Tkačuk’s EP, providing a sequence of sensational sounds, this dream like track emanates an almost carnivalesque atmosphere throughout. As ‘Fool’ closes it becomes clear that Tkačuk’s unique sound will be his most promising asset in securing his success in the future.

Tkačuk fuses together genres like electronica, indie and pop to create a wonderfully executed EP that will no doubt solidify his future success. If you like other Scandinavian acts such as JJ, CEO and The Radio Dept then Tkačuk will no doubt find a place in your heart.

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