With this single, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Tkacuk, has put down a chorus so big it would shame Coldplay and it is all wrapped up in 90s electronica and techno music. Tkacuk embraces the 90s revival more than any other artist this reviewer has come across. Full of lush strings and dulcet piano, ‘The Final Curtain’ is a powerful juxtaposition of 80s epic sensibility and 90s dance. The production is flawless and sleek – very professional sounding. There is a boldness and confidence to this song, an assertion that something big has just arrived on the scene. It demands to be listened to.

Perhaps there is a price to be paid for the big chorus: the chords sound like they have been played by many bands before. Originality is the price to pay but if Tkacuk thinks it is a price worth paying then more power to him. The truth is he does it well and you sense you are in good hands when you listen to The Final Curtain.

Coming from Sweden, Tkacuk has a lot of hard acts to follow, especially The Cardigans, who reached their Zenith with Gran Turismo in the late 90s. One area in which the Cardigans far surpass Tkacuk is lyrics. The main flaw of this song is the sterile lyrics. They let down what could be a very powerful song. If more effort had been put into the lyrics then this would be a very different review. However, this artist is young and there is plenty of time to make improvements.

This single is quite an achievement for a lone multi-instrumentalist and it shows bags of talent and potential from a young artist. Mainstream success might come to him but even if it doesn’t, producing songs of this calibre is, perhaps, success enough.

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