The title of To The Hill’s latest EP is so so apt. In Waves brings you on journey that swishes and swirls around a range of emotions, venturing from up-tempo guitar fronted offerings and swooping right down to the chilled vibes and calming state of a seaside location.

Blinds opens the EP with what appears to be the sound of chickens (sure why not), however this quickly fades to make way for layered guitars that synth and slide their way along with nicely placed vocals to form a catchy and mini fist-pump in the air track of goodness. You Say brought my mind on a whirlwind adventure, opening with little electronic bullets that bounce around and reminded me of shooting unsuspecting aliens with my rocket in old video games. I absolutely love how the song progresses, slowly building up to crashing drums but also not forgetting pinging guitar loops that fade in and out just like a tide rippling towards a shore. Hold on ’til the end for an outro that will leave air-guitar enthusiasts very happy.

The idea of the sea and its surroundings are completely brought to life in First Beach, and as a listener you are completely transported to a seaside location. Now it will vary for everyone of course, but I was right there among the sounds. Seeing the water as it fizzes to the shore and slowly trickles away, while also getting completely lost in the ever-so-soft guitar that builds and comes to a halt, before creeping back in and repeating the sequence. There’s not a moment where this ideal peaceful location is damaged or taken away, it’s preserved in those few minutes of crafted genius that I completely fell in love with. Definitely my highlight of the EP, especially with the continuous guitar melodies that sweep in and slowly retreat back out for such an impressive representation of symbolism that should be applauded and heard by many.

I’ve Been Waiting (Laika) almost opens as a continuation of the previous track, but trickling water is quickly replaced by a temporary electo-infused segment that is cut off to make way for some serious emotion-filled guitar chords that – as the song title suggests – have most definitely been waiting their chance to burst through and have their moment in the EP. This track seems to focus on anger and disappointment, which oozes through sharp drum offerings and emotionally charged guitar riffs, while also being joined by vocals which appear harsh and strained to suit the direction of the song. This is an EP I would highly recommend to absolutely anyone. As the band themselves suggest, it “explores the range of emotions that travel in waves”, and as such it will be up to the individual to decide where that journey takes you.



Written by Nicole Leggett