Although it seems strange that Mother’s Day (2016) has just been released (considering the time of year), looking at the trailer just made me realise how horrible many of these generic Rom-Coms tend to be. I’m not going to lie I actually hate these films, but the odd time you sit down to one it and it actually turns out to be a lot better than expected. These films however are just downright offensive to the senses and are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to clichés. An honourable mention goes out to Bridesmaids (2011) as a request but won’t make the list as a lot of people love it, I don’t as I hate Melissa McCarthy with a passion. But which ones are the most dreaded of this much-loved genre?

10. Leap Year (2010)

I had to include Leap Year on this list because I was severely let down by it. I had some expectations because Amy Adams can never seem to do wrong in my eyes, she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood right now. But this one made me question that. Especially including a pet peeve of mine; getting a non-Irish actor to play an Irish character, with a terrible accent. And have the whole country look like it froze in time after The Quiet Man (1952), and we’ve been waiting for modern life to reach us. What were they thinking?

9. Valentine’s Day (2010)

Mother’s Day director Gary Marshall joins us on the list in this first entry of holiday themed shlock. Getting a huge ensemble cast of big Hollywood names is no guarantee that the film will be any good, it’s just quantity over quality. And getting back your favourite leading lady Julia Roberts isn’t a guarantee for anything. Although I’m not surprised that the film was a massive success at the box office. Will people buy into anything? More on that later.

8. Monster-in-Law (2005)

Sometimes I just ask myself, why does Jennifer Lopez even act? I will give her credit and say that the only decent film she ever did was the domestic violence thriller Enough (2002) or maybe 1998’s Out of Sight, but that really isn’t saying much. And being Jane Fonda’s first film after so many years, you would think she would have made a better career choice. Although she was the only highlight of the film, her character is just a typically over-bearing stereotypical mother. Nothing new or original even here but Lopez has better film credits than this…right?

7. The Love Guru (2008)

For a guy like Mike Myers who gave us so many great comedy moments such as the endlessly quotable Wayne’s World (1992) and the Pixar favourite Shrek (2001), this was just really depressingly sad. Jokes about private parts can be funny if done right, but to just throw it out there blatantly and constantly isn’t going to warrant much respect from your audience. Especially when you have moments when you laugh at your own jokes in your own movie, is there any bigger mood killer?

6. Bride Wars (2009)

Both leading ladies of this catastrophic mess, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, have made careers in the Rom-Com genre and have done well for themselves. Outside of this genre, Hathaway made some decent features whereas Hudson just did Almost Famous (2000), and nothing good since. Taking the expression of “Bridezilla” and running with that gag may have been a good idea as a thought in the back of your mind, while high. But it really, really wasn’t.

5. New Year’s Eve (2011)

And yes folks, Gary Marshall has done it again. Another ensemble of big names come together for a “romantic” barf-fest of cheap feel good and lame love plots. Even critics have preferred the previous entry Valentine’s Day, a statement nobody would have expected. And in the same year it received five Razzie award nominations alongside Adam Sandler’s abysmal Jack & Jill (2011). I rest my case.

4. Date Movie (2006)

The first movie in a list of terrible parodies that just makes you want to die inside. Although Scary Movie (2000) had a good few laughs for the time, this just sunk to a new low. And yet somehow, directors Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg would continue to circle the drain of ridiculously unfunny tripe for years to come, and continue to this day. This was the first film to start that trend I believe, and as I mentioned before, people will continue to pay money for crap like this. But thankfully if you look at the box office figures, it is slowly starting to cop on that people aren’t interested anymore.

3. Gigli (2003)

One major thing that makes a romantic film work, is for the two leads to have good chemistry, and yet somehow for the two leads, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (welcome back), who were a couple at the time, they had none. Not only is the film completely ridiculous, badly plotted, and at times offensive, they even had the nerve to drag Christopher Walken and Al Pacino into it. This film nearly ruined both the lead stars career. Not surprisingly.

2. Good Luck Chuck (2007)

I feel so dirty and ashamed to admit that I laughed a lot when I first saw this film (I was sixteen cut me some slack). Now that I am a decade older and a slight bit wiser, I shudder at the idea that I even giggled once. Dane Cook isn’t exactly my favourite comedian so looking back at this film I wonder how I even laughed in the first place. Roger Ebert even called the film “brain-damaged”. The plot revolves around a cursed guy who has sex with women who then fall madly in love with the next guy they date. What? This film is just offensive in how bad it really is.

1. The Hottie and the Nottie (2008)

Now this is the bottom of the cringe barrel, so much so you scraped a gigantic hole through it. For some reason, Paris Hilton is the lead role in a film whose entire message pretty much boils down to “it really does matter how good you look on the outside”. Now I know I’ve used the word offensive a few times on this list (even though they were all necessary), but this one really just takes the biscuit. Thankfully Hilton won three Razzie awards that year, and the film was a box office bomb, so audiences are starting to realise that we are smarter than Hollywood thinks. Still, it’s such a burden to even know that this film exists.

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