It’s almost impossible to not be upbeat about any mention of a new Toro y Moi release. Chaz Bundick has discovered the formula to creating audible sunshine, without it ever veering near saccharine territory. This track is shoe-gazey, has definite subtle roots in disco and funk genres, and most of all it’s the type of music

you want to soundtrack your days when the weekend seems so far away. Also, on first listen it seems to melt away the iciness of the seemingly never-ending Irish winter and remind you that summer is right around the corner.

This is the second track to be released from Upcoming album ‘What For?’ Out April 7th on Carpark records. The video for the first single “Empty Nests”, was released 19th February, barely two weeks ago. To have two tunes floating about in such quick concession could seem to be ultimately unfavourable – as listeners can tend to feel as though they’ve experienced the entirety of the album before it has even been released. However, I don’t think this is the case here – Toro Y Moi has captured that summer sound and listeners find that insatiable.