Listening to this record feels like a step back in time; a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist. Trail of Feathers are a four-piece classic rock outfit from Stockholm, Sweden. The band are – Verner Westund on vocals,  John Bernström on guitar, Rasmus Söderling on drums and Patrik Engström on bass.  This cultivated four track EP is the bands debut release and boasts an impressively solid collection of songs.

The edginess of this record reflects the band’s diverse musical influences; timeless rock icons such as Jimi Hendrix and Portishead gaining them my seal of approval.  They are passionate about the soul and meaning of the tracks in a bid to counteract the production focused modern music industry. I hear a melting pot of sounds enveloped in the songs from 70’s classic rock, blues, pop to soul. The EP merges this range of genres transporting you through the decades, honouring the past and breathing a new lease of life into the mix.

Funky melodics and fast paced guitar riffs steal your attention from start to finish with bursts of vibrato and soulful blues solos leaving you hanging on to every note. The tone of lead singer Verner Westund’s voice and the band’s harmonies fall pleasantly on the ears, add to that, easy to follow lyrics and song narrative, there’s no reason why Trail of Feathers wouldn’t translate on an international stage.  With this very strong debut release, the have a lot of potential to go forth and spread their old skool love to the new generation.

That said, some elements of the record are tad repetitive, provoking thoughts like ‘have I heard this before’ indicating a slight lack of originality.  Perhaps digging a little deeper and finding creative inspiration indigenously may work to their advantage with their next release.

Love and Theft EP is available now on all digital channels.  A polished time-honoured recording that oozes a performance feel to it. Trail of Feathers make for an impressive live rock act which in my book is key for a band of their disposition. In a recent interview when asked what their goals are for their music, they replied “To excite ourselves and make music that we ourselves and hopefully others want to dance to. Music that stands the test of time.”

Listen to ‘Love and Theft’ EP on SoundCloud