This week saw the release of the first trailer for upcoming historical drama film Anthropoid. The film stars Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan as two exiled Czech army operatives who are parachuted into their homeland to execute ‘Operation Anthropoid’ – the task of assassinating Reinhard Heinrich. For those who didn’t spend their lonesome childhood buried under stacks of history books (keyboard now blurred by tears of my unresolved issues), Reinhard Heinrich was one of the leading figures of the Nazi Party (the third in command behind Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler) during their reign. He is credited with being the main devisor behind the concept of the “Final Solution” – the Nazi plan of mass extermination and annihilation of the Jewish people. As well as this, he was also a massive d*ck during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, so it was no surprise when Operation Anthropoid was created and executed, from which Heinrich was not killed immediately but died of his injuries soon after. I doubt that nugget of information can be called a spoiler if this particular event happened over half a century ago.

Aside from that brief history lesson, Anthropoid looks like quite an entertaining historical movie. Cillian Murphy has done particularly well in recent years in his various periodical roles (such as his roles in The Wind That Shakes The Barley and the t.v show Peaky Blinders) and Jamie Dornan still has to show the full extent of his acting ability (not to mention redeem himself from Fifty Shades of Grey). The film is taking an interesting approach by having the actors speak in English but using various European accents (in contrast to Valkyrie where they spoke in English and American accents). Some may appreciate this mode as it may seem more authentic to the historical details while still being accessible for mass audiences, or some may find it quite insincere, because if they wanted to go for a native tongue, they could have used Czech and German actors, as they did in the highly successful movie Downfall. Either way, Anthropoid is depicting one of the most exciting episodes in World War 2, and the upcoming movie looks to capture it quite effectively. Even if Jamie Dornan’s accent can only be described as “obscurely foreign”.