This week saw the release of the latest trailer for upcoming comedy-drama Swiss Army Man. The film garnered a tonne of publicity during its debut at the Sundance Film Festival early this year, as it seems the most unconventional film role that Daniel Radcliffe has taken to date. Radcliffe stars alongside Paul Dano; famous for his roles in 12 Years A Slave, There Will Be Blood and Prisoners. Dano plays the character of Hank, a man marooned on a desert island coping with loneliness and depression as he verges on thoughts of suicide. Before he commits the act, he notices a dead body wash onto the shore . The corpse (played by Daniel Radcliffe) is able to communicate with Hank through some supernatural or magical way (or it could merely be the imaginings of Hank’s deteriorating sanity), and aids him in his attempts to redeem himself and get away from the island.

However, the film also garnered attention for its performance at Sundance because it was noted that a lot of people left the theatres quite early. This is actually quite a common occurence at Sundance as people usually realise if a film is not “for them”, they’ll leave to find one more tailored to their likes. And the trailer does highlight quickly that this will be one of those niche movies that people will individually either love or hate. While the plot and the style the movie takes with its approach does seem quite nouvelle and tastefully done, the addition of erection-humour and fart-humour hopefully will not spoil the rest of the movie. “Black humour” is quite a trendy and popular approach to comedies in recent years, but this type of humour seems a little more like teen-comedy than grim, noir-esque comedy.

Radcliffe’s character seems to be done quite delicately and artistically though, and will be a welcome change from his previous post-Harry Potter endeavours (such as The Woman in Black and Horns). The movie is set to be released internationally later this year.