This last week saw the release of the latest trailer for upcoming American comedy Wiener-Dog. Yes, that is the film’s actual name. The movie is being written and directed by Todd Solondz, famous for his work on films such as Welcome To The Doll House, Happiness and Dark Horse. Many of Solondz’s film have been critically well-received (especially during their debuts at the various film festivals) and Wiener-Dog looks to continue this trend, having premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to critical acclaim and praise. The film features a talented cast including actors such as Danny DeVito, Ellen Burstyn, Greta Gerwig and Kieran Culkin, and although we only see a brief insight into the various characters in the trailer, the script looks quite solid, containing the correct amount of humour without appearing stiff or awkward.

The plot itself seems quite simple. The film follows four separate stories, which are all interconnected by the involvement of the titular wiener-dog. Gerwig and Culkin reprise their characters from Welcome To The Dollhouse as a sort of sequel or some closure to fans who have seen Solondz’s previous work. The four chapter structure may seem disconcerting to some viewers, but from the trailer it seems that this progression will be done tastefully and seamlessly. The only problem that could possibly occur is if the four stories are not given equal attention, or that the film starts with one story story before meandering through the rest. Anyone that has seen any of Solondz’s previous movies know that his talent lies in creating a sort of “quiet” comedy; that blends humour with more substantial thematic ideas and aspects from current culture.

Also released this week was the latest trailer for the upcoming movie Dirty, a cop-thriller starring Roger Guenveur Smith and Paul Eliaas two crooked cops trying to recover two million dollars in stolen drugs.