Up and coming R ‘N’ B artist Travis Miller has been steadily making a name for himself across the Atlantic. The Fresno native has had his material showcased on a number of US radio stations, as well as on TV. He’s also graced the airwaves internationally as far afield as Australia. Among his accolades to date is a nomination for the title of best independent R ‘N’ B and hip-hop songwriter by The Great American Songwriters’ Panel.

Following the release of his debut album to critical acclaim in June of last year, he took to the road to continue building his fan base. At present, he can be found participating in the Power of a Dream tour at home in California, where he has already played to over forty thousand spectators. Amidst life on stage, he’s managed to make time to record and release his Reflection EP, which hit iTunes on June 22nd. It’s from this compilation that his latest single, “Like It”, is taken.

The track begins with a buoyant beat that persists behind an enthusiastic harmony, while some purposeful percussion joins in to add an exotic undertone to the energetic electronics. The melody maintains a self-assured, adamant attitude as the musical motifs remain reserved and simple, despite their fast and fervent delivery.

Demonstrating a wide enough range during the choruses, the vocals change things up a little for a rap-like refrain around the two and a half minute mark. There’s a lot of intent and intimacy buried within the lyrics, lending a strong sense of spirit to their sometimes repetitive nature. It’s a quick and cool undertaking in its entirety, the harmless humour of which is fairly well suited for mainstream consumption.

Travis Miller: Like It single review
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