There is something very nostalgic about Treasures’ EP ‘Alive’. It almost harks back to the Myspace days where alternative bands reigned supreme. Treasures angst laden lyrics are like a throwback to shows I used to go see in The Voodoo lounge and Eamon Dorans. Their music could be described as a dynamic blend of post-hardcore and pop punk.

Treasures are a five piece group consisting of Nick Beeney (Vocals), Sam Veel (Guitar), Sam Page (Guitar), Jonnie Adam (Bass) and Jed Dewsbury (Drums). The five piece are originally from Basingstoke and have been steadily gaining momentum on the alternative rock scene in South England. To date, Treasure have performed on the main stage at Burnout Festival, supported Save Your Breath at Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds and countless independent gigs throughout England. The lads EP ‘Alive’ was released on January 26th it consists of five tracks, since its release it has been enjoying rave reviews online.

The opening track ‘Home’ brings to mind previous works of artists such as Alexisonfire and You Me at Six. The heavy emphasis on guitar riffs and the raspy, almost growling voice of Nick Beeney makes home one of the more memorable tracks on the EP. A slick guitar coupled with teen-angst lyrics will ensure this song will flourish on the alternative rock scene. While Treasure straddle genres of music associated with teen-angst the lads manage to avoid clichés and more importantly, avoid being labelled emo.

‘Our Friends, Our Enemies’ is a high energy piece brimming with emotion, the lyrics in this track allow for an engagement with the audience. As Nick Beeney belts out the lyrics with strong conviction the crowd can reciprocate through the chants that are littered throughout the ending of the song. ‘Our Friends, Our Enemies’ would arguably be the best track on the EP to witness in a live setting due to its high energy and audience interaction. ‘Do What I Want’ is another high energy track on Treasures EP that would bode well in a live setting.

‘The Waiting Game’ feels somewhat out-of-place in such an energetic EP, its sobering and reflective lyrics coupled with the sombre instrumental creates a melancholic atmosphere towards the end of the EP. However, despite that ‘The Waiting Game’ is a compelling track that will pluck at your heartstrings. ‘Alive’ closes the EP with a bang! Another high energy song to close a high energy EP, ‘Alive’ features some impressive guitar solos and a strong chorus.

‘Alive’ is a promising EP from these Basingstoke lads, a punchy collection of alt-rock songs that capture the nature of angst and frustration. As Treasures gain momentum in the UK it won’t be long until the lads start making waves internationally.

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