Hailing from the town of Carmarthen in Wales, indie band Tree of Wolves are hitting the summer with some good old fashioned indie-pop to try and fool those of us who live in the sometimes less-than-pleasant climes of northwest Europe.

Tree of Wolves sound gives off the impression that we’re actually cruising around Venice beach with a girl (or boy) hanging off our arm with the bikini clad denizens of the neighbourhood being projected from our highly-reflective ray-bans. And they deliver.

‘Sebastian’ is their latest single and chimes in with all of the surfer-rock sensibilities in its initial guitar riff as a Beach Fossils track, but with a really interesting mix of piano and an up-tempo beat to keep the drive moving.

You can find the song on their Soundcloud and make sure to check them out on Facebook for gig updates. Listening to this track should repair any Vitamin D deficiency your suffering from at the moment, if you’ve been unfortunate enough to miss the good weather!