While alt-rock ensemble Triptik Empire first formed in Dublin during the spring of 2012, between them, members Carl Masurel, Daniele Nania, Giovanni Ancona and Nicola Campo represent the peoples of France, Morocco and Sicily. This disparate troupe of music enthusiasts have spent the last several years gigging across Ireland and Europe, building up a solid reputation in the process.

Their debut EP, The Age of Mistakes, hit in June and is a force with which to be reckoned. Its opening number, “Faster than a Mistake”, explodes into a frenzy of frantic guitars and drums before a cool and crisp melody sets in. Eventually reaching an equally hectic chorus, it solidifies itself as a wild and raucous anthem.  “The Snake” takes over afterwards, charging into a maniacal riff which screeches towards a sinister salvo of vocals during the first verse. It’s just as frenetic as its predecessor, with a distorted refrain that emphasizes its delirious demeanour.

“Requiem for a Swing” follows via a more reserved introduction, which builds anticipation going into a playful harmony. After erupting into an energetic chorus, it becomes a lot livelier for its second verse. The result is a quirky and chaotic composition, whose guitars cut deep. The dire and demented riffs of “The Fall” persist behind a manic melody next, establishing an extremely anxious air. Remaining unhinged and urgent throughout, it ends up being as expressive as it is insane.

“So Far” serves as the quiet after the storm, developing amid reserved riffs that slowly take on a very ominous edge. It maintains a strong sense of foreboding, managing to convey a lot without the need for any actual lyrics. “Vizio De Forma” is an aggressive entry that bears an impudent undertone in its wake. Burning briskly forward, it brings the compilation to a biting conclusion.

Triptik Empire have put together a mighty metal monster of a record here. It’s loaded with bracing instrumentation and vigorous vocals that are fiercely heavy, while being consistently melodic. All in all, The Age of Mistakes is an exciting effort that should leave hard rock zealots everywhere feeling like they’ve been given their money’s worth.

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The Triptik Empire - The Age of Mistakes
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