With dance music engulfed on a commercial high at present it is always interesting to discover an alternative approach. Enter Trixx and their new EP Nighthunt.

The set opens with Bloom, the song lives up to its name, as it builds from a foundation of pulsating beats, cool percussive swaying rhythms, and one hell of a distinctive baseline. Bloom is techno fusion meets trance in an interesting combination of what is now known as EDM.

The next track Nighthunt is the club banger; it brings the pulsating rhythms to a new level, digging from the core climaxing in a soundscape of tranquil euphoria culminating with a bit of dub step for good measure bringing the beat back down closing out the track with a funky outro.

Tube is the final song of the set closing the three song EP with a bang with its tense synth filled grove like an animal trying to be set free.

All in all Nighthunt is a good well produced set and a must check out for any dance music fan.

It is available now from Nuestra Musica Records/Just Good Music.

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