Series one of True Detective stormed onto our television screens with irresistible style, scooping up a massive fan base due to big Hollywood names and a well written story line. The show proceeded to claim a hat full of awards and has to be considered as one of the TV greats. Though with the new season coming out in around a month and a number of significant changes to the cast, will all this hype and anticipation be rewarded with a top class television experience? Or will we look back at True Detective as the show that could have been?

Similar to the way I felt after finishing Lost, the withdrawal symptoms I suffered when the final credits rolled of True Detective season one rendered me an emotional wreck. However, since the one minute long trailer of season two was released on YouTube, the anticipation began to burn in me like some sort of tempestuous fire of excitement. The performances of, particularly Matthew McConaughey, but also  Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan were incredible in season one, so I may have to be a little bit sceptical with regard to the show living up to its own standard, considering all three actors will not be returning.

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are the new boys and upon my initial impression, it looks as though Farrell will be the new McConaughey, the misunderstood, broken, “doesn’t care what anyone thinks” cop, and then Vaughn as the new Harrelson, the nice but probably dangerous partner. It’s an interesting coupling; random, but potentially excellent.

Rachel McAdams, judging solely by the trailer, appears to be the bad ass female cop, capable of beating up some bad guys. For me, McAdams could provide the show with a breath of fresh air, maybe drawing the attention of a female audience. The police profession in season one was quite male dominated and McAdams’ presence will promote the “girl power” element that Detective may have lacked before. She is undoubtedly a very talented actress, though perhaps roles in movies such as About Time, Mean Girls and Sherlock Holmes, has limited her conveyance of what she is truly capable of. Detective may be the springboard her career requires.

I’m Irish, so I have an unconditional support for Irish actors; henceforth, I would always give Farrell the benefit of the doubt. Despite his dodgy past and mediocre films, the Dub can intriguingly be compared to McConaughey before he pulled the Detective gig, famous but not worth reading about. Since Detective McConaughey has gone onto an Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club and I’m sure it’s fair to say it’s been a good year for the McConaughey household books after Interstellar was released. Farrell is likeable and the movies he has starred in (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths, Dare Devil) are enjoyable, however mindless they were. In a recent interview, Farrell has declared himself to be more mature and in pursuit of bigger success and I totally believe that Detective will highlight both his abilities and his top notch character. However, I am Irish.

Vaughn looks like he means business in this season and perhaps he is ready to leave behind movies such as The Wedding Crashers, The Breakup and The Internship. He is considered by many, primarily, a comedic actor and it is admirably bold for him to take this job.  Nic Pizzolatto, I feel, is largely to be credited for the success the HBO show as enjoyed, writing complex and likeable characters and illuminating a disturbing, harrowing mystery. Unlike other hit shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, True Detective structures itself with eight one hour long episodes, making the experience rather unique. In making each episode so long, it is more difficult to binge watch the show, even though that is exactly what I did, and maybe that is a good thing as it enables the watcher to appreciate each instalment in a more profound manner.

I have a hunch this series is going to work, with the three central characters using their experience and skill to create an electric chemistry.  If the second season is nearly as good as the first, I urge you to get watching come the 21st of June, because in terms of television, this is as good as it gets.


SOURCETrailer of Season 2 True Detective

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