Canada’s Twilight Fields are Allister Thompson, Teri-Lynn Janveau, and veteran drummer Tim Timleck. Thompson was previously a member of Crash Kelly and has released solo albums as The Gateless Gate and Khan Tengri.

Twilight Fields’ sound is inspired by Twilight Sad and Magnetic Fields but it is probably a little far-fetched to imagine that they are named after their predecessors.

Though the band is essentially a singer/songwriter project, their sound is a mix of alternative folk, post-rock and psychedelic shoegaze.

‘Peggy Gordon’ is the third single from the band in advance of their debut album and is accompanied by a version of ‘The Bold Poachers’ on the B-side.

The adaptation of the traditional tune ‘Peggy Gordon’ starts out with a simple arpeggiated chord progression which becomes part of a shoegaze-y post-rock drone.

There are hints of Nick Drake and Will Oldham in Thompson’s voice but it is hard to gauge the tone of the band from a couple of covers.

The combination of traditional tunes with modern genres is nothing new and runs the gamut from the revelatory to the downright embarrassing.

‘Peggy Gordon’ lies somewhere in the middle. Thompson’s voice is ill-suited to the music of Twilight Fields. Or perhaps the music is not suited to his voice. Either way, the two do not sit comfortably together and it makes the songs difficult to listen to the whole way through.

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