One of the few down sides of listening to Wondering in Circles, Walking Straight is that one could almost exhaust many of the positive superlatives necessary when trying to describe it. The Scandinavian outfit have created an album that is inventive, unique, surprising and wonderful. It is music that can arguably be enjoyed by all regardless of taste, and will be loved by fans of Two Camels and The River’s psychedelic, avant-garde style.

The album contains 15 tracks, which could be considered long, but it is peppered with shorter songs and interludes such as Colours in Black and Elastic Wor(l)ds that ensure it does not drag or fade as the band displays a variety of styles. These vary from I, Miss Green and its attitude filled guitar riff outro to the beautiful melodic Blue Panorama Airlines that would surely have been an instant hit had it been released in the 60’s.

The record is best listened to as a whole as the band create a cohesive, atmospheric vibe that is manipulated and stretched throughout but always maintained with skill. It may not boast individual standout tracks which may not be to the liking of all, but what is created is something arguably more impressive, a musical experience that anyone with patience will cherish.

Thin King showcases the band’s use of improvisation as the song descends into a chaotic cacophony of trumpet and percussion but, if anything, this displays a courage and confidence in the unique style that Two Camels and The River have created. Somenow is another flowing track that brilliantly utilises subtle keyboard to elevate it to a level that again, would not be out of place on a 60’s psychedelic record.

While the aforementioned ambience that is created on Wondering in Circles, Walking Straight is proficiently maintained, it is difficult to pin down a singular description of its style due to the ever changing tone as you drift into each subsequent track. However, to scrutinise, dissect and elucidate the record’s individual crests and waves would not only be challenging, but would also be a disservice to it. To listen to this album is a marvellous experience, largely due to its improvisation and subtle surprises. Each listener may be able find the unique pleasures and whims that they enjoy most for themselves, and this is where the beauty of the record truly lies.