Up For Love begins with a successful, strong, independent lawyer, Diane (Virginia Efira), who is going through a separation with her husband while still trying to work with him as her business partner. After a bitter row between Diane and her husband over dinner that ends with Diane storming out of the bar forgetting her phone. The phone is found by the charming and successful architect, Alexandre (Jean Dujardin). Alexandre calls Diane and they arrange to meet over lunch to return the phone. Alexandre is perfect is every way- he’s funny, intelligent, successful, good-looking- every way but one, he’s 4’5″ in height. Diane finds herself attracted towards Alexandre and tries to overlook their mismatch in height. As their relationship develops, both of them find themselves struggling with the perceptions of the society about their physical differences. More interestingly, they find themselves questioning just how much does a physical feature of a person matter in an otherwise perfect relationship.

The film is essentially made as a romantic comedy and most of the humour is reliant on this physical difference of height between the two main characters. It is interesting that a film decided to explore the social acceptance of relationships between two people who are not necessarily considered a “match” in the society because of their physical features. There is especially more pressure and expectation of being physically stronger and/or bigger on the males than females. Up for Love is able to handle this subject with respect and talk about it in the context of everyday life and situations. However, it seems like this may be the reason why the film suffers a little bit in being rather repetitive in its jokes or not exploring this issue enough for the risk of being offensive. The jokes are light-hearted and most of them are not very funny circling back to the same subject of height difference again and again.

The performances of the actors are very good. The CGI effects used to bring down the height of Alexandre is impressive and is hardly noticeable in the film. The script is average but the actors make the best of it. The film has a nice, easygoing pace about it that makes it easy to watch. It’s a light-hearted and heart-warming romantic film that is perfect for a nice and lazy Sunday afternoon.

Up For Love is on general release now